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Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning January 1, 2022, clients covered by policies placed with Curi/Medical Mutual of North Carolina will begin making premium payments directly to the carrier (Curi) instead of to Professional Risk Associates after renewal.  We know you will have questions during this transition, and we are here to support you throughout the process.  Below are answers to some frequently asked questions and, as always, if you have additional questions or concerns not addressed below, please reach out to your service team for assistance. 

Why is this change happening?

After much discussion and internal review, PRA decided we can best serve our clients by allowing our agents to focus more time and attention on your practice’s insurance needs and allowing Curi to resume handling of the billing aspects of policy management.  This means a more seamless and immediate handoff from underwriting to billing, more payment options for our clients, more in-depth and detailed invoicing and, we believe, a better overall experience for our clients.  All other MPL carriers PRA represents bill their clients directly, so this is consistent with our normal operating procedures. 


How will this affect me?

If you are mailing checks, you will need to update your billing systems with the Curi payment address.   All invoices will be sent by Curi via U.S. mail and can be retrieved electronically from the Curi PHS portal.  You will have more payment options, including fee-free credit card and ACH payments, and automatic bank drafts.   You’ll be offered the same interest-free installment plans as always.  Otherwise, there should be little to no impact to your practice. 


Additionally, clients setting up automated EFT payments at least 30 days prior to renewal will receive a premium discount of 2%!


Otherwise, there should be little to no impact to your practice.


When will this change take effect?

Starting January 1, 2022, your policy billing will transition to Curi at renewal.  You will continue to make any installment payments on your current policy term to PRA as per your invoice.  Installments on your renewal policy will be invoiced by Curi.  You’ll make payments as directed on your invoices.  If you wish to set up auto-drafts with Curi, you’ll need to complete the EFT form and return it to no later than 30 days prior to renewal.  If you request any premium bearing endorsements to your current policy after your renewal policy is issued by Curi, any additional premium will be billed to you on a separate invoice. Any credits resulting in a return of premium will be refunded to you by check from Curi.


What if my policy has an endorsement or other change in coverage that incurs additional premium after I make my last installment payment on my current policy?

If your renewal policy has already been issued by Curi, any credits or additional premium will be invoiced separately by Curi.  Changes resulting in a credit will be refunded to you by check.


What forms of payment does Curi accept?

Curi accepts payment by check, credit card, and ACH.  You can also set up auto bank drafts using the Curi EFT set-up form. Please note this form must be received by Curi at no later than 30 days prior to your renewal date.  For your security, please do not send this form to PRA – please send it directly to Curi as instructed. 

Clients setting up automatic bank drafts via EFT will receive a premium discount of 2%


Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes!  This is the recommended method of payment.  If you would like to set up auto-bank drafts, please complete the EFT set-up form and return it to at least 30 days prior to your policy renewal date. 

Clients setting up automatic bank drafts via EFT will receive a premium discount of 2%


What installment plans will be offered?

You will have the same installment options available to you now.  Available plans are payment in full up front, interest free quarterly installments, or interest free monthly installments (25% down payment with 9 subsequent installments).  Your current installment plan will be applied at renewal unless you request otherwise.  Your service team with confirm your selection as your renewal is being processed and will request a change on your behalf if you would like to move to a new payment plan. 


What is the new billing address for payments?

Curi Agency LLC

P.O. Box 63252

Charlotte, NC 28263-3252


Can I make a payment online or electronically?

Yes!  Please visit Curi’s online billing portal


What changes will I see on my invoices?

Please note all invoices will now be sent by U.S. mail and can also be downloaded from Curi’s PHS portal.  If you need a special invoice delivery method or need invoices sent to multiple contacts, please be sure to let your service team know and we will work with you to implement any special requests.  You will now see more detail than before on your invoices including a breakdown premium by provider and any adjustments to your premium processed during the policy term. Please see the sample invoice for additional details.


What if I have questions about my bill?

Most questions about premium and billing amounts can be handled by your PRA service team working on your behalf with Curi underwriting.  If you have questions about making a payment or checking the status of payments already made, we may be able to research on your behalf or can direct you to Curi’s Accounts Receivable/Billing team.  Please reach out to your PRA service team first and we’ll help you coordinate from there! 


What if I inadvertently sent payment to the wrong address?

Not to worry, we will ensure your premium funds are remitted to Curi on your behalf.  Please make sure to update your payment systems accordingly and send future payments to the correct address.  We strongly recommend setting up auto drafts to ensure all payments are sent on time and correctly! 

Curi Address
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Let's Work Together

If you have questions during this transition, we encourage you to contact us for additional assistance.

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