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Disability and Life Coverage

What would your life be like financially if you faced a personal crisis due to an illness or accident and were unable to make an income?

How would your family be affected if you lost your income?

Being financially prepared for this potential loss of revenue is vital to the continued success of your practice. You'll want to solidify a contingent income for your physicians, staff, and families in the event of a disability claim.

Protect your practice, physicians, and their families by allowing Professional Risk to review your options. 

For more information or a free, no obligation quote, please contact Connie Barnes.

Protecting Your Greatest Assets:
You and Your Employees


Coverage Components

Group disability and life insurance with no medical underwriting - Guaranteed Issue

Individual disability and life insurance from all top carriers

High Limit Disability Income when more coverage is needed but not offered within the traditional marketplace

True "own-occupation" and "specialty" coverage

Offering lump sum, monthly only, or monthly with lump sum benefits

5 years premium commitment with renewability

Up to $100,000 per month; $250,000 with 5 lives insured in same group

Discounted premiums

No issue and participation limits

Lump sum benefits allow insureds to collect benefits faster 

Residual, Presumptive, Transplant, Waiver of Premium, Survivorship, and Rehabilitation benefits standard along with COLA at no cost

Case Studies

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Case Studies
Meet Our Expert

Meet Our Expert

Professional Risk Associates has partnered with Connie Barnes, CLU, ChFC to work as our expert on specialty disability and life coverages designed for medical professionals and their support staff.  Ms. Barnes can analyze your needs with a focus specialized to your practice. 

To immediately get started with a review, you can contact Ms. Barnes at 615-293-1463 or via email at

Connie Barnes, CLU, ChFC
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