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A Complimentary Service

Saving You Thousands

In 2017, Professional Risk proudly released our latest premiere client-service delivering complimentary access to the award-winning online HR resource, Mineral™.

This integrated suite of HR knowledge and training solutions will protect your practice by strengthening your team and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.


Need your log-in information? Contact us and we will send you an invitation to verify your account.  


Mineral™ Services


Live Consultations

Certified HR experts available to answer questions, render advice, and follow up with research to help resolve issues.

Accessible  Monday-Friday

from 8 am-7 pm.


Learn Pro

A suite of more than 200 online training courses covering all the hot-button topics and compliance essentials. These courses reduce your practice's risk and ensure compliance.

Handbook Builder.png

Handbook Builder

This easy-to-use handbook builder provides regulatory compliant policies and language allowing employers to quickly and easily create a comprehensive handbook.



This hub of information tracks all the latest HR news and analyses to help HR professionals stay informed on and compliant with changing regulations. 


Comply Views

This comprehensive resource center features HR audit checklists, hiring and termination guidelines, a Q&A database, and other tools needed to maintain compliance. 

Introduction Video

Introduction Video

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