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Patent No. 11,348,050

Using Data and Advanced Analytics to Reduce Your Malpractice Cost

Our exclusive, one of a kind risk analytics program, Procuity™, puts your data to work for you to provide your practice with customized risk management solutions. 

With this state-of-the-art system, we review and correlate your practice's data and procedures with a national database to identify risk exposures unique to your specialty. This review can assist your practice in reducing your risk exposures, improving patient safety, and increasing revenue. 


If your practice is interested in Procuity and would like a tailored review with your agent, please contact us.



We determine areas of risk based on a detailed evaluation of practice data and comparing it with a historical evaluation of similar data and identified risk issues.

These evaluations are practice and specialty specific and analyze the following:

> Allegations against the practice

> Procedures

> Closed claims data

> Associated/Risk-legal issues

> National statistics for the specialty




This graph was put together as a demonstration.  ABC Radiology is a fictitious practice.

This material is proprietary of Professional Risk Associates. It is not applicable to other practices. 

We combine your practice's data, claims histories, and procedures with national statistics into a presentation visually comparing your performance. 

After finalizing the review, your agent will present the findings directly to you. During this analysis, we evaluate where your practice excels. In addition, we assist in creating a plan to proactively assign risk management courses or patient safety efforts.

You'll walk away with a better understanding of how your practice performs and where it can improve.

Once a risk management program has been implemented and results are evident, we work with you to leverage this for additional benefits including revenue enhancements.

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