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Government Regulatory Coverage

Government Regulatory Coverage

No healthcare provider or medical practice is immune to the risks

associated with billing, government regulatory compliance, and/or patient privacy. Professional Risk can review the current coverage enhancements in your medical malpractice insurance policy and compare them to your practice's unique exposures.

Just a few minutes of reviewing your coverage options could save you money and keep your practice afloat in the event of a billing audit, HIPAA, or other regulatory violations. Professional Risk offers solutions to cover legal expenses, fines, and penalties from billing errors, HIPAA, Stark Law, and EMTALA proceedings instituted against the insured by a Government Agency, Commercial Payer, or Qui Tam Plaintiffs. This product overview is for description purposes only and does not provide a complete summary of coverage.

One Quick Review, Thousands Saved

Coverage Components

Coverage Components

Defense reimbursement for actual or alleged billing errors -

Broad definition includes Government Agencies, Qui Tam Plaintiffs, Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC), and Commercial Payers

Defense for other medical regulatory violations -

Coverage includes HIPAA (patient privacy and security), EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act), Stark Law (physician self-referral) violations

Shadow Audit Professional Fees -

Coverage for fees of a pre-approved shadow audit to be performed on your behalf in the event of a claim arising out of a billing errors proceeding

Unintentional Billing Errors & Omissions -

Coverage for unintentional acts made by providers or outside billing organizations

Waiver of co-insurance upon selection of panel counsel -

Available in all states

Eligibility -

Organizations delivering direct medical or medically-related services. Classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

>  Allied Health Facilities

>  Mental Health Facilities

>  Billing Entities

>  Physician Groups

>  Hospitals

>  Solo Physicians

Medefense Plus

Medefense Plus

Billing Risks

Healthcare Billing Risks

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