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Medical Malpractice Insurance in West Virginia

The West Virginia Medical Malpractice Insurance Industry is coming out of nearly a decade of a stable medical professional liability market. At this time, carriers were charging lower premiums while giving credits and dividends to stay competitive with other state-admitted carriers.


However, the long period of low premiums did not prepare carriers for the increases in payouts we see now. Due to the rising financial risk, carriers are increasing rates across West Virginia or leaving the state market altogether. This is leaving West Virginia physicians with either significant premium increases or with fewer coverage options.


These changes can be daunting to a practice. Still, with 30 years of experience in the West Virginia market, Professional Risk knows the market and works with carriers and healthcare professionals to provide the best in insurance coverage. Our partnership with the West Virginia State Medical Association also gives West Virginia physicians options for medical professional liability insurance and cyber liability coverages.


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