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Hospital Employment: How Do I Blanace Work/Life and Keeping Professional Autonomy?

What Should I Consider Before Joining a Hospital?

According to recent American Hospital Association statistics, 25% of all active physicians are employed by a hospital, a 34% increase from 2000 to 2010.

As an employee, a physician no longer has the ability to make decisions regarding management of their practice expenses.  As the employer, a hospital could decide to settle a case against a physician, or combine their defense with the defense of the hospital or other employees in a lawsuit.

We have successfully helped practices maintain their own liability coverage in an employment contract negotiation while providing solutions, risk management services, and expense control for the hospital. 

There are many key questions for a physician when considering hospital employment. However, you should start with these:

  • Who is responsible for purchasing the tail coverage from my existing carrier?

  • How is the premium determined and does it compare favorably with my current premium?

  • Will I have a role/say in how my defense is handled?

This is a preview of information regarding this topic in our White Paper discussing how your medical professional liability coverage might change if you become a hospital employee, what this change would mean to you, and advises some points for you to consider and potentially address in the negotiation process.

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