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Policy Management: How Do I Add and/or Remove Insureds?

Steps to updating your policy's named and additional insureds.

Keeping your policy up-to-date with the most accurate coverage for your named and additional insureds is vital to protect your practice for any incoming claims and ensure your premium is properly rated.

Before you add or remove anyone from your policy, contact your service specialist or agent by calling our office at 800-318-9930, or you can use our contact page to send us a message through our website if you're unsure who your agent is.

Adding Named & Additional Insureds

Depending on the medical professional, insurance carriers typically require an application, proof of prior insurance (certificate of insurance), a claims history or loss run report, curriculum vitae (CV), and copy of the medical license(s) to add an insured to your policy. If the coverage is for an ancillary provider, oftentimes their basic information and copy of license may be all that is required. Always check with your agent regarding any application requirements before hiring any potential employees for your practice.

Removing Named & Additional Insureds

If the insured carries limits of liability on your claims-made policy, the carrier will offer a tail endorsement quote. It is vital your agent has the most recent home address for the insured, as the offer will be sent directly to the insured and the practice. If you plan to remove someone from your policy, or if an insured has already left, please contact your agent immediately so your policy can be updated and the premium rating adjusted accordingly.

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