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A Conversation About Cyber Security Webinar

Updated: May 11, 2022

Webinar on new Cyber Security Requirements

Cyber Security Webinar

March 24, 2022, at 2 pm EST

According to Critical Insight's 2021 H2 Healthcare Data Breach Report, the healthcare industry saw a menial 4% decrease in cyberattacks.

While this slight drop may seem like a welcomed reprieve, it should not be taken as a sign your practice's data is less at risk than before. Even when accounting for the smaller number of total attacks, the actual financial losses and number of individuals impacted by data breaches continue to increase.

Nearly 45 million individuals had sensitive data compromised in 2021 alone; this is a sizeable increase from the 34 million people affected by data breaches the previous year (McKeon, J, 2022). Beyond the scope of those affected by these breaches, the cost associated with the ransomware attacks increased exponentially by nearly 60% (Kochovski, A, 2022).

The lucrative nature of electronic health records continues to put healthcare facilities' networks at risk, and the growing exposure requires practices to update their cyber security tactics continually.

Instituting the most up-to-date cyber security protocols is one of the most important things you can do to protect the privacy of your patients and stay compliant with the latest requirements of your cyber liability insurance carriers.

Professional Risk is here to help you navigate these new cyber security requirements. On Thursday, March 24, join us for our webinar on Cyber Security.

Account Manager Joan Kassel will be working with Kite Technology Group's Chief Solutions Officer, Jason Gobbel, to discuss new and emerging cyber security requirements and how to implement them in your practice. Topics will include:

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Endpoint Detection

  • VPN (virtual private network)

  • And more!

This webinar will be a 30-minute discussion followed by a Q&A session. We encourage attendees to bring questions and engage with the speakers!

If you would like a review of your cyber security practices ahead of the webinar, we encourage you to reach out to Kite Technology.

If you would like to obtain cyber coverage, please submit a no-obligation request for a quote.


Meet Our Speakers

Chief Solutions Officer, Jason Gobbel of Kite Technology Group

Chief Solutions Officer, Jason Gobbel

Kite Technology Group

As the Chief Solutions Officer of Kite Technology Group, Jason Gobbel is an expert at one thing: Helping small-to-mid-sized businesses take advantage of technology. A 20-year veteran of the field, Jason leverages a unique blend of insurance and technology expertise to help business owners develop and implement strategies for cloud adoption, increasing security posture, and managing a remote workforce. Always up for a good conversation, you can contact him at

Account Manager, Joan Kassel of Professional Risk Associates, Inc.

Account Manager, Joan Kassel, RPLU, CPIA, CISR, MLIS, CPLP

Professional Risk Associates, Inc. Joan Kassel joined Professional Risk in 2000 and currently works as an Account Manager who specializes in helping clients procure cyber liability coverage. She is passionate about providing excellent customer service to our insureds, ensuring their insurance needs are met with promptness and accuracy. As an insurance agent, she has continued to pursue her education by acquiring multiple insurance designations adding to her expertise.


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