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Virginia OB-GYN Risk Purchasing Group

Virginia Ob-Gyn RPG through Professional Risk

The Virginia Ob-Gyn Liability Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) was formed by Professional Risk Associates in 2007 for Ob-Gyn physicians in the Northern Virginia area, previously members of The Federation of Physicians & Dentists Medical Liability Insurance Program. There is no cost for OB-GYN physician practices to participate in the RPG. Still, there are significant benefits, including substantial benefits gained with a larger group's buying power.

Virginia OB-GYN Liability RPG Members Earn:

Members in the program:
  • Gain buying power; having a standard renewal date of 7/15 allows Professional Risk the ability to complete a Market Analysis as a “Program” every few years

  • Earn a 10% credit for participation in VABIF*

  • Get negotiated coverage terms including a separate limit for mother-and-child cases

  • Eligible for discounts on risk management resources

  • Have access to risk management resources

*Participation in VABIF is required

Clients of Professional Risk have free access to:
  • Mineral HR Resources

  • Procuity™ Risk Analytics to support tailored risk management programs and price control strategies

Contact Account Manager, Katheryn McMillen, for additional information on this program.

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