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Why You'll Fall in Love with ThinkHR!

Professional Risk Associates invests in ThinkHR to bring our clients the HR resources they need at no additional cost.

With their team of highly trained HR experts available via email or phone any day of the week, ThinkHR provides immediate and unlimited help to our clients.

What kind of questions can they assist you with?

Here are just a few examples of Frequently Asked Questions these experts can provide guidance on.

Say you're living in an area that is currently facing severe weather conditions and you decide to have a delayed opening or perhaps close the office for the entire day. Are you aware of any laws or best practices for whether hourly employees should be paid for that time?

Maybe one of your employees has come to you and requested a raise in salary. Do you know how to effectively facilitate an open conversation to address their concerns and get direct feedback from them about their job?

Or perhaps you have an employee who has decided to make a change to their pretax benefits after the open enrollment period but before the start of the new plan year. Do you know if they're able to make these additional changes after open-enrollment? 

How do you answer these questions?

One option is to pick up the phone and call your attorney for their opinion (the meter is ticking by the way). Or you can contact a certified HR expert with Think HR who can answer questions, render advice and follow up with research to resolve issues. 

You can find answers for the specific questions above here. Or if you have another urgent HR related question, you can contact a ThinkHR expert today at (877) 225-1101.

Excited to work with ThinkHR? Contact your agent at (800) 318-9930 to receive an onboarding email with your log-in information.

Please check in tomorrow for our final post for ThinkHR Week!

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