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Workers' Compensation: What You Might Not Know

Medical practices both large and small have a specific focus on safety. While safety can mean life or death for healthcare providers and patients, practices sometimes overlook an important piece of safety and protection when it comes their employees – workers’ compensation insurance.

When we hear “workers’ compensation” we might immediately think of someone pulling a muscle after lifting something heavy, slipping on a wet floor, or falling from a ladder while on the job.

Medical practices often have even more dangerous ways for their employees to become injured on the job. Getting stuck by a needle, contracting a disease from bodily fluids, becoming injured due to handling patients, incurring repetitive stress injuries, or getting involved in a car accident while running a business-related errand could all trigger a workers’ compensation claim.

How Professional Risk Can Make a Difference in Your Practice

While all practices have workers compensation coverage in place, it is important that you review your coverage limits. On the policy, there are limits for bodily injury per accident, per policy, and per employee. The basic limits start at $100,000, but that may not be enough when looking at the exposures. Often, it is very inexpensive to increase these limits, but worth the minimal additional cost. In some cases, we have even been able to help our practices save money on this coverage, even while increasing limits.

Thousands of healthcare professionals have chosen Professional Risk to manage their medical professional liability insurance needs. Our agency also offers healthcare professionals competitive pricing and the option for streamlined services for related insurance policies like workers’ compensation.

Protect your business and employees! Call us today at 800-318-9930 to speak with an agent about how Professional Risk can save you time and potential savings.

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