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Your Best Defense is Prevention. Keep Your Employees in-the-know with ThinkHR.

In today’s environment, every practice should be concerned about the potential for inappropriate behavior or practices in the workplace.

When employees aren't kept up-to-date on the latest regulations it leaves your practice vulnerable to claims originating potentially from inside or outside your office. The best way to manage these risks is by ensuring your employees receive regular training.

Consistent training maintains compliance with ordinances, and drives employee engagement making your practice run more efficiently.

With ThinkHR you have access to more than 200 online training courses. After identifying the most appropriate courses for your workplace, you can easily assign these to your employees at no cost to you. And managing the workload is a breeze. You can assign deadlines for the classes and receive notice when individuals complete their work or if they've surpassed their deadline.

What kind of training are you eligible to receive? 

ThinkHR's course library covers the most relevant topics and compliance essentials including:

Harassment & Discrimination

Workplace Safety OSHA

Leaves of Absence Workers' Compensation

...and more

See their complete course selection here.

Interested in getting your practice started for training? Contact your agent today to receive webinars on how to add student users and assign training. 

Excited to work with ThinkHR but don't know your log-in information? Contact us at (800) 318-9930 to receive an onboarding email.

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