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An Introduction to Sportable

Professional Risk always strive to think of ways to better provide services to our clients. Thus, we'd like to introduce physicians to Sportable, a non-profit organization serving the Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas. Founded in Richmond in 2005, Sportable’s sole mission is to provide athletic opportunities for people with physical disabilities and visual impairments, and you may find this organization to be of interest to some of your patients.

Oftentimes people with physical disabilities feel their chance or capability to participate in sports does not exist. Sportable could be an excellent referral for some of your patients who have these physical disabilities, as they have a great depth of experience and sporting opportunities for everyone, regardless of age or capability. This story of one local hero, Mandy Marchiano, sheds great light on Sportable’s amazing sporting program and the role they play in serving the disabled.

Sportable holds a very personal interest to me in large part due to my sister who had both physical and mental impairments and was unable to take advantage of such an organization since Sportable had not yet come into existence during her lifetime. I have been blessed to see first-hand the absolute joy in someone’s face who can now participate in sports because of the resources, support, and guidance Sportable provides through open participation, leagues, equipment, travel, referees, etc.

I have been personally involved with Sportable for several years through volunteering, support, and serving on their Board. Additionally, PRA has also recently become involved in supporting the organization. This letter serves only to bring awareness to you and your clinicians about Sportable for possible assistance and sporting opportunities for your disabled patients. It is in no way a request for any type of financial support. The benefits of you knowing about Sportable for your patients outweighed my natural hesitation to send this along. If you would like some resources to share with your patients, please see this Sportable brochure which highlights the organization's history or this Sportable Program Guide to learn more about their services.

Best Regards,

Steve Fargis Executive Vice President

Professional Risk Associates

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