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Loving the ESOP Life

Updated: May 6, 2021

As an employee owned company, one of the most important things to PRA is maintaining a positive office culture. To ensure this goal is met, we established the ESOP committee, this group is dedicated to team building and organizing our charitable efforts.

Each ESOP committee volunteers for a two-year period, and we're excited to announce our newest chair members for the 2020-2022 period.

Connie Dowler Kandis Green Rhonda Martin Katheryn McMillen

Account Manager Service Specialist Account Manager Account Manager

Joined PRA: 2001 Joined PRA: 2018 Joined PRA: 2018 Joined PRA: 2002

For their first major event of the year, these ladies arranged a delicious Valentine's Day breakfast for our staff. Everyone gathered in our breakroom to enjoy an assortment of breakfast foods, sweet treats, and thematic games.

The games included a movie love quote trivia and employees were asked to the guess the number of chocolates in a container.

Our Administrative Manager, Tammy, Our Service Specialist, Becky, won a

won a whopping 124 chocolates with her beautiful bouquet of flower for being

almost on-the-nose guess of 125 chocolates. the best movie buff in the office by

She was only off by matching the most quotes to movies!

Congratulations ladies!

We can't wait to see what else the ESOP committee has in store for us this year! Stay tuned for more excellent events with our regular ESOP updates.

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