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The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on the Healthcare Industry

PRA Newsletter | Third Quarter | Issue X | July 27, 2020

As states work towards reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, practices should familiarize themselves with reopening guidelines and new legislation regarding additional protections provided to healthcare workers throughout this national emergency. Learn more about the best resources at your disposal below and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay informed on the latest updates from policymakers and carriers.


COVID-19 and the Future of MPL Claims

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the Healthcare and Medical Professional Liability Insurance industries, and as more data becomes available some predictions can now be made about the crisis' lasting consequences. New practice claims filed in the wake of the crisis will likely fall into two categories; COVID-19 related claims and second wave delayed healthcare claims.

COVID-19 related claims will be inhibited by regulations passed by the government. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed on March 27th, 2020, provided some federal liability protections to healthcare workers and volunteer aids thanks to its Good Samaritan language. And the introduction of the Facilitating Innovation to Fight COVID-19 Act will-if passed-expand immunity from civil liability to healthcare providers for actions taken during the COVID-19 health crisis. These policies provide some protection for providers for care rendered while treating COVID-19.

Second wave delayed healthcare claims are the more dangerous threat. Throughout this crisis many patients have had to delay care if their procedures were nonessential. These postponements could severely affect future treatment and providers potentially face an increase in medical professional liability claims alleging a delay in diagnosis or treatment.

In summation, given the broad protections afforded to healthcare workers, claims related to the treatment of patients with COVID-19 seems less likely. But the uncertainties surrounding second wave delayed healthcare claims is going to push insurance carriers to price coverage more conservatively.

Learn more about these regulations and the predictions by checking out our blog, How Will COVID-19 Affect my Medical Malpractice Insurance Premium? If you have additional questions, please contact your agent.


Techniques for Safely Reopening

If you've decided to start reopening your practice, there is literature available to help you go about the process safely. See the resources and refer to the 7 best practices of prevention list to keep your employees and patients safe.

First and foremost, you must ensure your reopening procedures are compliant with state and federal guidelines. You can see the latest federal requirements for reopening, here. To see your state's specific regulations, please refer to this fact sheet developed by AMA.

Prior to reopening, you should also contact your insurance agent and carrier. While the government has provided some protections from liability to clinicians, there is still a risk of post COVID-19 related claims and you'll need to ensure you have adequate coverage.

The 7 Best Practices for Prevention
  1. Use telehealth services for routine medical care

  2. Triage suspected COVID-19 cases outside of your medical facility

  3. Ensure personal protective equipment is used

  4. Test patients for COVID-19 before elective surgeries

  5. Limit the number of visitors a patient is allowed

  6. Avoid crowding by having patients wait in their vehicles prior to appointments

  7. Ensure patients and staff are taking precautions to prevent contamination

For a detailed check-list on reopening guidelines, look here. To learn more about your coverage options, contact us today at (800) 318-9930.


Client Services


We partner with ThinkHR to bring clients complimentary access to an award-winning online HR resource center. The integrated suite of HR knowledge and training solutions will protect your practice through the COVID-19 pandemic, as legislation is updated regularly.

You can speak with certified HR experts for live consultations or set-up online training modules for employees. ThinkHR also provides recertifications for SHRM and HRCI designations.

If you're interested in learning more about ThinkHR and its many services, sign up for their upcoming client webinar for Thursday, July 30 at 1:00PM EDT. This webinar will include information on:

  • How to consult your Live Team of HR Experts

  • COVID-19 Resources

  • How to easily create an Employee Handbook

  • How to assign Training to your employees

  • How to navigate resources in the Comply database

  • And more!

To register for the webinar, click here. If you have additional questions about ThinkHR and its benefits, please contact your RPA agent today.


A disruption in life does not have to mean a disruption in service.

We guarantee our clients anytime access to their insurance documents through our secure online portal, CSR24. Here you will gain instant access to these vital documents. With CSR24 you will be able to view and print certificates of insurance, review endorsements, and access your invoices. You also have the option to customize user access allowing for one or more individuals secure access to policy information.

If you're not already set-up with an account, please contact your agent today and they will assist you.


How Are We Doing?

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, you and your practice have been our primary concern. We remain dedicated to providing updates about your policy, payment options, and reopening guidelines. But we'd like to hear from you. What more could we be doing to ease your stress? Please take a moment to respond to this 2 question survey to help us improve our services. Thanks in advance for your particiaption!

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