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Upcoming Introduction to ThinkHR Webinar!

Can I make the COVID vaccine mandatory for my employees?
How might the new American Rescue Plan Act affect my practice and employees?
How do I assign HR training for my employees?
How do I maintain an up-to-date Employee Handbook?

If you find yourself struggling with these questions or any other human resources related issues, you are not alone. As a client of Professional Risk Associates, you have complimentary access to an award-winning online resource center, ThinkHR. This premium Human Resources platform combines expert advice with innovative technology and comprehensive content to help your practice with any Human Resources related risks.

If you're new to the service or would like a refresh on how to navigate the resources, you can sign up for ThinkHR's upcoming webinar, Introduction to ThinkHR. This webinar will provide a walk-through of the platform and will cover the following topics:

How to consult your Live Team of HR Experts

Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources (sample communications, training courses, webinars, etc.)

How to easily create your Employee Handbook that's never out-of-date

How to assign training to your employees from a catalog of hundreds of interactive courses

How to navigate a multitude of resources in your Comply database

And more!

The webinar will be held, Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM EDT. You can register using the link below:

To access your ThinkHR account, you can contact your Professional Risk service specialist to be sent your onboarding information.

We look forward to showing all the ways ThinkHR can make your life easier!

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