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Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management in Your Practice Webinar

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Webinar on Chronic Care Management

Leveraging RPM and CCM In Your Practice Webinar

May 25, 2022, at 2 pm EDT

Chronic Care Management (CCM) has become a hot topic in healthcare as more providers implement the services in their practice- either by building it in-house or outsourcing the work to a third-party vendor.

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), roughly 117 million adults have a chronic health condition, and an estimated 1 in 4 suffer from two or more chronic conditions (CMS, 2021). CCM delivers much-needed care to these individuals and vastly improves their quality of life. When providers use CCM, patients benefit from one entity overseeing every aspect of their care, which enhances the nature of their treatment. With this more holistic approach to care, patients have lower risks of depression (Rossow, R, 2018), and providers benefit from having a complete picture of the patient’s health when administering care.

The CMS further cemented the importance of CCM when, in 2015, it created a reimbursement program for providers who offer this additional service to patients with two or more chronic conditions. Given the vital role CCM plays in improving the quality of life for patients battling chronic conditions and the added incentive for healthcare facilities to set it up, it benefits practices to consider incorporating these services.

In our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 25, Professional Risk has invited Esquire, Reema Taneja of Nixon Gwilt Law Group, to review the benefits, risks, and implementation options associated with CCM.

Questions Reema will specifically touch upon include:

  • Why CCM is beneficial for the patient

  • How CCM can benefit your practice – both from patient safety and revenue perspectives

    • Patient Safety – Improved quality of life for patients with chronic conditions

    • Revenue – Billing for the extra time spent communicating with patients

  • How you can add CCM into your practice

    • Build with an in-house team

    • Outsource to 3rd party vendors

  • What are the risk considerations for either implementation track (build internally vs. outsourcing)?

  • How can I bill for these services, and what are reimbursements?

  • Remote Patient Monitoring and the role it plays in CCM

Following the presentation, we will allow some time for a Q&A session. We strongly encourage registrants to bring questions about Chronic Care Management and look forward to having an insightful conversation about this excellent benefit.

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Meet Our Speakers

Chief Solutions Officer, Jason Gobbel of Kite Technology Group

Esquire, Reema Taneja

Nixon Gwilt Law Group

Reema Taneja, Esq. is Counsel at Nixon Gwilt Law. She draws upon a depth of experience in the healthcare industry from legal and policy perspectives. She has experience advising hospitals, health systems, digital health companies, and pharmacies on regulatory compliance, innovative business arrangements, and leading-edge healthcare policy reforms. Her areas of expertise include digital health; MSO implementation; telepharmacy; televeterinary; provider reimbursement; fraud, waste, and abuse; and advising provider groups on growth opportunities.

Account Manager, Joan Kassel of Professional Risk Associates, Inc.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Richard

Professional Risk Associates, Inc. Jennifer serves as Associates Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has been with the agency since 2001. She holds an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation and has 20 years of insurance experience. Jennifer enjoys working with physician and podiatry practices throughout the mid-Atlantic region and providing sales and marketing support to the agency.


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