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Weathering the Changes in the Medical Liability Industry

PRA Newsletter | Fourth Quarter | Issue VIII | October 25, 2019

For over a decade, the medical professional liability insurance industry has been in a soft market. This is characterized by lower insurance premiums. Despite this long respite, we're now observing trends indicative of a hardening market.

Insurance premiums are rising.

Learn more about what is leading to these market transitions and start asking about management tools at your disposal to help counter these changes. We're dedicated to keeping our physicians informed, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay in-the-know.

Why Are My Insurance Premiums Rising?

The medical professional liability insurance market has always cycled through periods of hard and soft markets, and while there's not an exact science in calculating how long it will take the market to change, there are reliable indicators that help industry experts anticipate these shifts. The current transition is most strongly attributed to an increase in claims severity. While the overall frequency of claims has declined, severity has been climbing steadily and there has been a spike in large verdicts. Despite this rise in claims severity, up until recently insurance companies continued to collect lower premiums. As payouts increase, the carriers' reserve funds have begun to deplete. To counteract this financial threat, carriers must now increase rates to remain stable and prepare for the market shift. Learn how carriers calculate adequate rates here, and contact your Professional Risk Agent today to receive an in depth look at the market changes.


My Premiums Are Rising, What Can I Do?

In this changing market you need allies in insurance. Professional Risk Associates can review your other lines of insurance to find you better coverage and rates, and we foster risk purchasing groups to bring our physicians premium credits.

While medical professional liability insurance is on the rise, we can save your practice money on your other business coverages. As your independent agent, we also work with carriers and regional medical societies to deliver tailored risk purchasing groups to participating physicians.

You can see a list of insurance programs and coverage options to the right. Visit our website to read more about each individual program and line of insurance. Contact your agent if you're interested in joining one or getting a no-obligation review of your insurance policies.


We're Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence!

On November 7th, Professional Risk Associates will raise our glasses in

honor of our 30th Anniversary!

For 3 decades we've prided ourselves on making a difference for our clients and in our community. But our success would not be possible without the continued support of our clients and carriers. We're grateful to each of you for allowing us to be part of your practice and business. As we revel in the past, we look optimistically to the future and celebrating the continued success of your practices and our partnerships. Warm thanks and happy regards!

- The Professional Risk Family

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