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Making A Difference: Food Bank

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

For years, Professional Risk has been working to bridge the gap for some students between school years when they have less access to regular meals.

In recent years, we've coordinated our donations with St Matthias' Episcopal Church to contribute more than 500 meals to those in need, and we're excited to report that we've had another hugely successful year!

Our final donations will be picked up July 12th, and as of the conclusion of June we've managed to completely fill 6 donations boxes with several extra grocery bags lining our hallways and all this food will be distributed throughout the region to those in need. We have also allowed for cash donations in place of food, which has totaled $1,045.40. These funds will also go towards feeding those in need.

You can track our weekly progress on Facebook and see our success from previous years in the video beow:

If you or someone you know is interested in making a difference in the community, please feel free to reach out to your Professional Risk agent to learn more about our ongoing community service or fund raising efforts! You can also visit St Matthias Episcopal Church to get involved.

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